We make undiscovered chances and opportunities visible.

First of all: We are not a classic management consultancy. We are more your extended arm and accompany you in your change projects internally and externally. The goal: to optimally shape the change towards sustainable growth together with you. We develop and promote new business models, products and services. And make existing ones fit for the future.

Conquer markets and grow faster

Discovering opportunities for growth. Successfully implement market entry strategies.

Skim off more potential

Future-oriented segmentation. Calculate purchasing potential validly.

Become the
Challenger Brand.

Pushing boundaries in saturated markets. Challenging the market.

The “more correct”

Higher sales through effective targeting. Sales efficiency as a competitive advantage.

People Change

Change begins in the mind. Involve the team in a timely manner.

The customer
in focus

Customer centricity as a success factor.


Previously undiscovered needs offer new growth opportunities.

Brand positioning
and communication

Getting to the heart of customer benefits.

Technology as

IT-supported customer value management.

We ask the right questions. Even the unpleasant ones.

We are a small, globally oriented but locally active team with headquarters in the Rhine Valley in eastern Switzerland. We are breaking with the usual market conventions. We roll up our sleeves, give a hand and are not afraid to ask unpleasant questions.