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The Structured Growth Kit.
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Many factors are needed to make growth in your company predictable, faster and scalable. Of course, it would be cool to have a crystal ball that could resolve the blind spot in the growth strategy in terms of market potential and customer segmentation. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have a system that comes very close: our “Structured Growth Kit”.

Growth Accelerator Structured Growth Kit

The navigator for your sales team:
The method in 3 steps

Scalable and structured growth requires knowledge about existing customers and the market. Your customer data is the most important basis for this.
The company’s own customer data from the CRM system or similar is analyzed and enriched with additional, external data(for example, from Dun & Bradstreet).

Supplemented by a powerful algorithm developed in-house, we can thus validly calculate the market potential and purchasing potential of each of your customers. And it is future-oriented, NOT from the perspective of the past. This is important because otherwise you are only mapping your existing customer’s past sales and using them for segmentation, but not the real potential you could be siphoning off from your existing customers.

This method already reveals an important part of the blind spot in existing customer development. Namely, the one that tells you which existing customers you can work with or develop and how.
Do you really
go tothe right customers or do you go to those with whom you have apparently made good sales in the past, but who do not have the highest purchasing potential; in the context of the overall market.

In the second step, things get really exciting: With the help of smart data analysis, we can determine the statistical or digitally determined twins of your best customers. And by “best customers” we of course mean those with the greatest purchasing potential.

What are digital or statistical twins in B2B?
These are potential customers: Companies and contacts that are identical to the company’s own existing customers in certain characteristics and purchasing behavior. These potential customers are likely to have the same challenges in their customer value chain as existing customers. They need the same or similar solutions. The industry or segment from which these potential customers come does not necessarily have to be identical. But similarly structured.

The highlight: with a certain algorithm and AI, it is now even possible to calculate what potential and what potential level this new lead identified in this way has. An important step for scalable growth.

The rest is standard: lead activation of the leads thus identified, using activating touchpoints and campaigns and materials.

At the center of this activation is your customer brand, your positioning and the resulting differentiation from your market competitors.
In most cases, this positioning is already in place and you have been establishing it in the company for quite some time with a lot of strategy work and discussions. If not, we help decode your brand essence and work out your differentiating brand values – also with external branding professionals like Logibrand.

Together, we formulate truly differentiating and, most importantly, customer-relevant value propositions that the marketing and sales people can use to engage existing and potential customers. In addition, we help with the implementation both in the People Change process and in the implementation with M&S.

“Only those who accept change can grow.”

Paul Wilson (Author)

Our growth accelerator.
This is where the Growth Kit is applied.

Skim off more potential.

Future-oriented segmentation.
Calculate purchasing potential validly. Develop customers correctly.

Conquer markets and
grow faster

Discovering opportunities for growth. Successfully implement market entry strategies.

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