Technology & Digitization

How can I accelerate the use of technology?

Digital technology as support, not an end in itself.

In our eyes, digital technologies should support your business models and bring them forward faster. And not as an end in itself! And only the technology that it needs. Systems or platforms that are too complex often achieve the opposite: they confuse and cost not only a lot of money but also far too much time. Only a fraction of what the system can do is then usually used. And costs.

Technology as an accelerator.

From our own experience in the SAP environment, Microsoft or, we know that there are hardly any satisfied sales representatives who enjoy working with their software solutions “from headquarters”. They see the tools as information sinks, which were acquired anyway only for their control. And perhaps this is indeed the case with many systems.

This was the reason why we invested in our own platform years ago, which offers marketers and sales representatives as well as key account managers the possibility to provide suggestions for the respective customers and their potential exploitation. Integrated into a classic ERP and CRM system, this is an instrument that actually delivers added value to the operative teams. And of course with the necessary information for process control and optimization by the office staff.

“If you digitize a fucking process, you have a fucking digital process.”

(Thorsten Dierks)

We make undiscovered chances visible.

Technology as

IT-supported customer value management.