Challenger Brand

Shifting borders in saturated markets.

There are many ways to grow

But what if the market doesn’t seem to offer anything more? One way is to become a challenger. It’s not just David against Goliath or start-up against dinosaurs – even established brands can become a Challenger Brand.
The prerequisite is to know the customer and his real needs – and to get involved in changes.

Challenge the market and become a Challenger Brand.

We find THE gap that your competitor or the market leader in your industry cannot fill.
We help you to identify new and unoccupied markets in a hotly contested “Red Ocean” and thus create a “Blue Ocean” full of opportunities for you.

We work with you to push the market boundaries of your industry – so you can re-shuffle the game. We work with you to develop a story for your brand and your solutions. Together we work out which “Challenger Type” you belong to.

We know the pitfalls.

Of course we did not invent the Challenger brand approach. But we have implemented it so often in numerous projects in recent years that we know the pitfalls and hidden stumbling blocks through and through.

In our projects we have learned to tickle out what the real needs, values and problems of your customers are. It does not matter whether you are in the B2B or B2C business. We analyse the entire value chain or customer journey and look closely at where we can improve your customers’ lives.

Brand Value of B2C & B2B

Together we will find your blue “ocean of chances”. The Blue Ocean strategy helps us to do this.

We give a hand.

We do not leave you alone with beautiful PowerPoint slides, but only stop when the goals have been achieved and the strategy implemented. Getting your horsepower on the road, that’s our goal.

«A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better.»

(Richard Branson)